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DescriptionCompany 1. REX SERVICES, a.s. offers a complete range of GPS tracking and security solutions. From GPS tracking of vehicles and people, through the home, apartment, cottage, and vehicle security, to a special solution for bicycles or shipping containers.

It might seem like we're just another security store, but that's not the case. Our goal is not to sell you some device; we want to offer you a safer and easier life.
Firma 1. REX SERVICES, a.s. nabízí kompletní sortiment zabezpečení a GPS sledování. Od GPS sledování vozidel a osob, přes zabezpečení domů, bytů, chat i vozidel, po speciální řešení pro jízdní kola nebo přepravní kontejnery.

Mohlo by se zdát, že jsme jen další obchod se zabezpečovací technikou, ale není tomu tak. Naším cílem není prodat Vám nějaké zařízení, chceme Vám nabídnout bezpečnější a jednodušší život.
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Areas of Activities

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    Smart home

      Security technologies

        Transport & logistics


          Universal IoT platform

          Control various devices from different manufacturers in one environment

          B2C and B2B solution
          - Communication between IoT and end customer
          - Different types of communication (SMS, App notification, E-mail, Voice call)
          - Possibility to connect any device
          - Reports, API, Data processing, Billing, revenue sharing

          - Simple registration of new device and customer
          - Data display and control from PC and mobile applications
          - Map – location view and tracking, graph and table data presentation
          - Virtual security panel
          - Multilingual
          - Credit card payment support

          - SMS/GPRS/3G/LTE + Sigfox + NB-IoT +LoRa communication support
          - Processing and storage of incoming data
          - Define device types, report categories from devices, rules and actions
          - White label ready

          Web and mobile applications
          - Web based user interface for PC
          - Mobile apps for iOS and Android

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          IoT mini tracker

          A miniature locator communicating over new Internet of Things networks (the device does not need a SIM card). Locations are obtained through Internet of Things networks (localization atlas - similar to GSM localization) and Wi-Fi network locations. Location accuracy is in the range of tens to hundreds of meters in metropolitan areas and in the range of kilometers to tens of kilometers outside the city. Internet of Things networks are characterized by excellent signal transmission (better than GSM mobile signal) and are almost unjammable. Battery life is in the mode for finding stolen items up to 10 years (30 thousand messages). It is suitable for bikes, scooters, hoverboards, shipments, machines or any other valuables. The size of the device is 81x29x12mm. It operates not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other EU countries. Does not contain GPS. Fully waterproof (IP68). The battery is lifetime and cannot be replaced.

          Cooperation Offered
          1. Sales / Distribution

          SOS button with GPS

          Personal GPS locator

          People tracking aims to ensure the safety of the users during work or when operating outdoors. Companies often use tracking to control employees and ensure their safety. Individuals can use people tracking for monitoring older and disabled people or children.

          REXpersonal tracker has two special features besides tracking. The unit, just by pushing the SOS button will automatically send an SMS message to pre-set numbers. It is also possible to receive alerts when a person leaves the pre-defined area (geofence). Accurate GPS positions are sent to the REX Online map portal.

          Cooperation Offered
          1. Sales / Distribution

          Independent internet of things (IoT) detectors (smoke, motion, water leak)

          A broad product range of independent detectors is available (motion detectors, door contacts, smoke detectors, water leakage) with long battery life. Alerts are sent directly to your mobile phone via the internet of things (IoT) networks (device does not need a SIM card or Wi-Fi). Perfect for flat, cottage or garage. Main advantages - Long battery life (up to 10 years), Alerts directly to your mobile phone, No setup or power connection necessary.

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