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  • 10.15 - 12.30 2019-09-20
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DescriptionAluminium ventilation shafts for vertical installation.
Heat recovery ventilation systems and fans.
Hliníkové ventilační šachty pro vertikální instalaci.Větrací rekuperační systémy a ventilátory
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Building installation works

    Heating, chimney structures, air conditioning


      Slovak company is offering heat recovery

      Recuperative ventilation is a forced-pressure ventilation system.
      It consists of a recuperation unit, piping, silencers, dampers, insulation and control. The heat recovery unit is a compact all-aluminum insulated block, with two fans, an aluminum heat exchanger, filters, reheat and flaps. A recuperator is a heat recovery coil where the exhaust air transfers the heat to the incoming air without mixing. The aluminum heat exchanger is dimensionally stable, non-cracking, aging-resistant, hygienically safe, non-flammable and resistant to icing .
      The unit block is made of aluminum (stainless) with rubber insulation with variable insulation thickness, which prevents condensation of the outer walls of the unit.

      Fans are radial, with ball bearings, with built-in thermal protection. They are adjustable.

      The filters are replaceable, different classes depending on the use in space.

      The electric heaters built into the unit have different capacities, are adjustable and have thermal overheating protection.

      The heat recovery units are made-to-measure according to the requirements of the future user. Therefore, their shape, size and parameters are variable.