Martin Rada

CEO & Founder
Rada Building

Bilateral Meetings

  • 10.15 - 12.30 2019-09-20
  • 13.15 - 15.40 2019-09-20
DescriptionWe aim to globally deliver the world's best emergency solution for structurally deficient infrastructure - a lego-like system that can support any failing structure. Our USP? Rapid construction in a matter of days, extremely adaptable for structure of any size or shape and at an affordable cost. Our vision is to go from one stop at the construction site to an automatically engineered solution to vertically integrated local production - lowering emissions, simplifying & dramatically speeding up the process.
Nouzové řešení pro poškozenou nebo vadnou strukturu. Rychlá konstrukce během několika dnů, mimořádně přizpůsobitelná pro strukturu jakékoli velikosti nebo tvaru a za dostupnou cenu.
Organization Type Other, Company
Areas of Activities

Architectonic, design, construction engineering services

    Maintenance, renovation and modernisation

      Building 4.0

        Sustainable constructions and Green buildings


          Structural Emergency Response

          Saving bridges, buildings & factories from collapsing.