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ASIO NEW, spol. s r.o.

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DescriptionASIO NEW, spol. s r.o. is a company dealing in wastewater treatment, water purification and air cleaning. A part of its activities is devoted to the issues of rainwater and greywater, their recycling processes. In the Czech Republic, ASIO NEW is a leading innovator in these technologies.----------
Vyrábíme a dodáváme domovní čistírny odpadních vod, komunální čistírny odpadních vod, plastové nádrže, jímky, septiky, vodoměrné a čerpací šachty, lapáky tuků, odlučovače ropných látek, odlehčovací komory, systémy pro akumulaci srážkových vod.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Architectonic, design, construction engineering services

    Construction of buildings

      Sustainable constructions and Green buildings



          Water treatment

          Water preparation processes comprise a wide range of technologies and physical-chemical methods. Methods must be selected with a view to the purpose of the use of the prepared water – the preparation of potable water requires a different approach from, e.g., the preparation of cooling water, feed water for boilers, or process water.

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          Wastewater treatment plants

          Small-scale wastewater treatment unit for households are intended for mechanical-biological treatment of municipal wastewater. The biological treatment unit can replace a septic tank or cesspool and therefore it is used for treatment of soil water from family houses, lodging-houses or cottages. AS-VARIOcomp K household treatment unit is the most suitable unit for family houses, because quick return on the amount invested and low operating costs are their major advantages.

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          Rainwater management

          Rainwater may sometimes bring an opportunity, at other times a problem. In our offer, you will find solution for both cases. Plastic tanks are used for rainwater storage and its subse-quent use (non-drinking water); drainage systems provide for removal of rainwater from hard surfaces (e.g. car park drainage) or they support rainwater quick soaking.