Ralf Mothes

Wulf Mothes Malerbetrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Bilateral Meetings

  • 10.15 - 12.30 2019-09-20
  • 13.15 - 15.40 2019-09-20

We are a medium-sized company located in Saxony with a long history - the Company was foundet in 1946. We are a Crefo-certified enterprise. Our field of activity covers

- painting and plasterworks inside an outside / malování a omítky uvnitř a venku

- flooring and floor coating / pokladání podlah a podlahové nátěry

- dry wall works / sádrokartonové práce

- specialised in renovation of historical buildings /monuments / specializace na renovace historických budov a památek


Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Construction of buildings

    Building installation works

      Floors, roofs and painting

        Maintenance, renovation and modernisation

          Offer & Request

          Painting /Plastering Request and Offer for SUB-Contracting

          We offer our service in the field of
          painting and plasterworks inside and outside, flooring, floorcoating, dry wall works - especially for historical monuments to work abroad.
          In adition we are looking for SUB-contractors for the same Services for projects here in Germany.

          Keywords: constructionpaintingflooringplaster worksdry wall works
          Cooperation Offered
          1. Outsourcing co-operation
          2. Other
          Cooperation Requested
          1. Outsourcing co-operation
          2. Other